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Discover Dublin Docklands

Discover the unique places and friendly faces- past and present- that have made Docklands a lively hub of activity for centuries.

Explore the City's maritime history, visit fascinating landmarks and heritage sites and unlock impressible virtual experiences along the way.

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What does the app do?

Impressive Augmented Reality portals that transport you back in time, immersing you in historical scenes and shocking events from the Docklands’ past.

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Bringing Historic Dublin to Life

Live actor Augmented Reality characters based on real historical Dubliners, telling

fascinating stories of what it was like to live and work at the Docklands throughout history.

Stunning 2D

Stunning 2D animations showcasing some of Dublin Docklands incredible feats of


About Dublin Discovery Trails

Dublin Discovery Trails – ‘Doors into the Docklands’ is the first in a series of innovative and immersive discovery trails that will be launched over the coming months. Visitors to the Docklands will be brought on a tour of the historic areas via GPS-enabled walking trails that users can undertake at their own pace.

Routes to explore

The ‘Doors Into Docklands’ trail has three options to explore; the main route (3.75km), an extended route (4.75km) and an accessible extended route (5km).

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